Why Eager Readers?

Quality program, quality teacher

The quality of the program is directly related to the quality and experience of the teacher. Eager Readers is a research-based program that is taught by a Master’s degree qualified Reading Specialist/ESL Teacher who has taught hundreds of children over 25 years.

Small groups

Small group teaching ensures that each child will receive individual instruction, tailored to his or her learning needs.

Lessons are structured, systematic, and explicit

Every aspect of the lesson is carefully planned and targeted to the developmental level of the students to ensure their success.

Caters for individual learning styles

Lessons incorporate visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic activities that appeal to children.

Going beyond phonics

Learning to read requires a lot more than learning the sounds of individual letters. Eager Readers teaches a range of foundational literacy skills.

Ongoing assessment

Time is built into the lessons for ongoing assessment and monitoring that is essential to your child’s progress.

Consolidation of learning

Eager Readers dedicates a portion of each lesson to revising and reinforcing the skills and concepts that have been previously taught to ensure the children are actually learning what’s being taught.

Skills build confidence

Competency builds confidence! Children will be confident in school when they have learned the foundational skills needed for reading, spelling, and writing.

Lessons are fun!

Let’s face it, if you make learning fun, young children are more interested and motivated to participate, and will be more successful in the end. Eager Readers employs a variety of engaging activities and educational games to excite young learners on their literacy journey.