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Welcome! The aim of Eager Readers is to prepare children for school by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to become a successful reader, writer and speller, and thereby a successful learner.
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What is Eager Readers?

What is Eager Readers?

Since 2014, Eager Readers has taught hundreds of children how to read and write effectively. We offer five different research-based programs aimed at different ages and stages of learning, including Pre-Reading, Reading & Spelling and Writing Levels 1 through 3. Class sizes are kept small to ensure quality instruction and individualised attention. Homework is a key component of the program since students only attend one class per week.

Who is Eager Readers for?

Who is Eager Readers For?

Eager Readers is appropriate for children from aged 4 onward. Our classes are generally mixed age groups. Preschool aged children attend one 40-minute class per week, while school aged children attend one 60-minute class. Our Pre-Reading classes are for our youngest learners (age 4/5), while children aged 5/6/7 participate in our Reading & Spelling program. Additionally, we offer three levels of Eager Writers classes for those students who have completed the earlier Eager Readers programs, or who qualify based on an initial assessment.

Tara Shaver

Who Teaches Eager Readers?

Experience and education make the difference for your child. Eager Readers was developed by Tara Shaver, a highly qualified teacher and Reading Specialist. Tara has been teaching children to read and write for more than 25 years. She has a Master of Education in ESL (English as a Second Language), as well as a Bachelor of Education, with concentrations in Reading and Early Childhood. She has taught in both public and private schools in Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

Trusted Client Reviews

Tara is a brilliant Teacher! She has taught my daughter since she was 4, and now at 9, dd is writing well structured, logically ordered essays!! (persuasive writing, compare and contrast, biography etc). Tara nurtures and encourages dd's love of history, along with games to teach concepts I didn't learn until High School!! I cannot recommend Tara and Eagers Readers enough!
Carmel Pasfield
Carmel Pasfield
10 January 2023
Both my son and my daughter learned reading and writing at Eager Readers since they began school. Tara has enlightened my children with her detailed and vivid teaching methodology. She is such a responsible and terrific teacher. My children have developed strong enthusiasm in reading and writing.
Freyja Chen
Freyja Chen
19 October 2022
We love Tara so much! She was our first writing teacher and helped us a lot. By playing educational games and doing fun worksheets, Tara helped us learn descriptive, informative and persuasive texts. Your writings will also be displayed on the wall once you get older. We encourage you to come to Tara's Eager Readers because it will help your child to become a writing star!
Sunny and Alice Ai
Sunny and Alice Ai
4 October 2022